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With a combination of strong spices, herbs and fresh yogurts, Middle Eastern food offers a unique set of flavours. These interesting flavours are turned into a variety of dishes, which offer some very healthy options. Be it on the go or sitting down for a fine-dining meal, Jakarta has it all when it comes to Middle Eastern cuisine with these six unmissable places. 


The leading Turkish restaurant in the city needs to no introduction with the authentic Turkish menu offering many rare delights. Not to be missed are the expertly made Turkish Kebabs, which are the best you’ll get in Jakarta. The décor is relaxing but luxurious and is perfect for large parties or an intimate meal with someone special.

Al Nafoura

Located inside the Le Méridien Hotel, this Lebanese Restaurant is perfect for the adventurous foodies out there. The sandstone walls and terracotta floor give a clean minimalistic feel while you enjoy the amazing food. Enjoy Haruf Quzi, a braised lamb shank, which has some recognisable flavours if you are new to Lebanese cuisine. Don’t be afraid to ask the expertly trained staff for help.

The Halal Guys

Based in Senayan City, the Halal Guys have been at the head of the pack when it comes to producing an American spin on Halal food. Many imitators have attempted to take the title, but with the quality of food on the menu here it is impossible. Although they offer a good selection of meat-based dishes, the vegetarian options are some of the best you can get. Also, you might want to book ahead if you are not ordering out as it can get very busy.

Al Jazeerah

Rather than stick to one single country’s cuisine, Al Jazeerah celebrates a wide range of Middle Eastern dishes and methods. Due to the large size and varied options, this is the perfect place to go to with friends to try Middle Eastern food for the first time. Order a few things and just indulge your taste buds.


Over the last decade, Abunawas has opened three restaurants across the city, combining Middle-eastern and Mediterranean cuisines. The unique results are refreshing dishes with interesting spices and very delicate flavours. A great place to bring the whole family to try some interesting cuisine, it is also perfect for ordering outside catering for special occasions in the office.

Al Zein Restaurant & Café

If you are in the Sudirman area and are craving a falafel sandwich, biryani lamb or some delicious home-made soup then try Al Zein’s. Being open 24 hours means that this is the best place for busy people on the go, who need healthy food with a great flavour morning, noon or night.

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