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After the Lebaran celebration, one of the awaited moments is usually to preserve or restore harmonious relationships (silahturami) with colleagues or business partners, through halal-bihalal events.

The question that often arises when planning the halal-bihalal event is, where's the location? So, here are six restaurants you might want to consider.

Sofia At The Gunawarman

Sofia At The Gunawarman has long been associated with class and luxury when dining in the city. With a combination of wood and leather décor juxtaposed with neoclassical art, it is a popular place for both celebrities and professionals looking to have a nice place for a gathering.


The bright open space and well-lit décor of Cinnamon make it a very popular place to hold an on-the-spot meeting or gathering. A familiar menu and very welcoming service mean that food presentation is a quick and easy transition while you can focus more on the intimate gathering. 

Arts Café by Raffles

When looking for inspiration during a gathering, few places can offer such satisfaction as Arts Café by Raffles. The now famous décor is filled with artistic flair that can produce a number of talking points during or after a gathering. Combine this with the delicious options on the menu and you have the perfect fit for a gathering.


If you want a place in the area of Senayan, the Fairmont hotel is filled with satisfying options. Head straight to the all-day restaurant Spectrum, offering multicultural cuisine and seating options for a number of group sizes, this is great place for any sort of meeting or large meal.

Honu Central

Lebaran gatherings don’t have to be formal occasions in larger-than-life settings. More intimate establishments with a focus on health and inspirational décor can be just what is needed to have a nice evening. And since healthy dining options can be vital, Honu Central can tick both boxes while also guaranteeing some very tasty dining options.


With a reputation for succulent meat dishes and a really fun evening atmosphere, this new addition to the Jakarta food scene is becoming more and more popular. The whimsical interior resembles a garden and offers something new and fun that can be great for putting people at rest in order to have an inspirational meeting, while the Southern American menu has enough Asian elements to satisfy everyone.

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