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No matter what your age, is everyone loves doughnuts. The amount of variety and versatility when choosing a filling or topping for these small, sweet snacks has made them among the most popular dessert choices around the world. However, this has sometimes led them to be mass-produced and as a result become cheap and low quality. To help you avoid these poor replacements, here are five places where you can find high-quality artisanal doughnuts in Jakarta.


Many doughnut lovers will tell you that Gordon is the best place for doughnuts in the city. This is due to the creation of its gourmet doughnuts, which each show a rare amount of care in the individual creation. Flavours, fillings, and toppings like crème brûlée, pista lemon, or caramel doughnuts with bacon topping really make Gordon stand out on top. 

Dough Darlings

Although the doughnuts at Dough Darlings are well made and delicious, the real attraction is the out-of-the-box ideas it chooses to use. Spahan doughnuts and salted-egg-yolk doughnuts are just two of the flavours you can enjoy when choosing from the freshly prepared options each day. If you want something a little bigger, you can order the birthday special doughnut tower package to make sure everyone gets a bite.

BEAU by Talita Setyadi

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Famous for its bombos—round, fluffy Italian doughnuts made out of a light brioche dough base— BEAU is the master of the Italian favourite. Fried to a perfect light crisp in coconut oil, each one is filled with soft creamy filling such as banana caramel, matcha cheesecake, pandan kaya, and salted caramel.


Dopenuts is all about making a mess with the over-filled flavour explosions it calls doughnuts. The rustic-style doughnuts come with a number of fillings, each one as enjoyable as the last when licking it off you your fingers. Black forest, banoffee, ogura, crème brûlée, and baked alaska are just some of the choices you can enjoy in these oversized doughnuts.

Holy Doughnuts

Although a relatively small store, Holy doughnuts really excels at quality. Many of the flavours are recognisable, but the techniques and love that goes into creating them is the very best. Each is as photogenic as the last, with each glaze shining and every filling bursting, which makes this the perfect choice for a grown-up’s doughnut party.

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