Due to the expensive nature of acquiring only the freshest ingredients, which are often flown or shipped in from Japan, sushi can an expensive indulgence. Yet due to the delicious nature of Japanese cuisine, it is enjoyed all across the city in some of the most pristine restaurants and hotels you can find. Here are six places to treat someone to some of the most expensive sushi in Jakarta.

Sushi Ichi

Housed in the Pullman Hotel Jakarta, Sushi Itchi serves omakase-style sushi from Michelin chefs. This level of experience and style comes with a hefty price tag, but everything you pay for is worth every bite. With all of the ingredients flown in from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo fresh every day, you’re guaranteed top quality, which is worth any price.

Akira Back

When you win an award with the title of Japanese cuisine World Luxury Restaurant, you can expect luxury and indulgence. Although the menu is reasonably priced, there are a few expensive options for special occasions that can be described in great detail at your table by the experienced staff.


Photo Courtesy of Tatemukai Japanese, Fine Dining.

Found on the third floor of the east side of Grand Indonesia mall, Tatemukai offers one of the most authentic omakase experiences in the city. The “I’ll leave it up to you” ethos behind omakase allows for the meal to be at the discretion of the chef, which also means the price is, too. But don’t worry: every dish and every bite are worth any price as you try some of the best and rarest sushi you can find in Jakarta.


With an interior inspired by the neon lights and the dark corners of Tokyo high rises and a view of the whole city, Enmaru is a stunning fine-dining experience. Perfect for special occasions or high-class business meetings, the elegance and prestige of Enmaru matches the price tag perfectly. 


When you can enquire about your own private sushi chef, you know you have reached a new level of sophistication. The view, the décor, and the menu at Henshin all scream luxury and expense, and that is what you will pay for when you treat someone to a meal here. While the sushi is of a very high quality, you can also enjoy some one the best Japanese and sake-inspired cocktails in the city. 


Photo Courtesy of 

The tranquil setting of Nishimura offers authentic Japanese cuisine, which is prepared with a combination of fresh ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking styles. The staff are all presented in authentic Japanese clothing, while no expense is spared with both the menu and the chefs who prepare it.

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