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When not prepared correctly, a pork chop can be a very dry and unappetising dish to eat. However, when cooked to perfection and accompanied by a rich sauce or topped with a flavoursome salsa, it can be taken to a whole new level of tasty excellence. To get your pork chop fix, here are six places offering some tasty dishes for you to enjoy in Jakarta.

SKYE Bar and Restaurant

Weighing 400 grammes, the pork chop at SKYE is something to behold. Cooked medium rare, the chop is served along with roasted baby potatoes, bacon, and mustard cream sauce. The whole dining experience is backed up by fantastic cocktails and stunning views of the city.


The menu at GIOI is filled with interesting interpretations of classic favourites, and so if you look to the Feast section of the menu, you will find its version of the classic pork chop. The Chimichurri Pork Chop is marinated overnight and served with a home-made Asian-style Chimichurri sauce, sweet mash potatoes, and salad.

Avec Moi

When you add a little French decadence to a pork chop, you get the Smoked Pork Chops at Avec Moi. Served with a ratatouille of spiced fruits, mesclun salad, and some tasty curried fries on the side, this flavoursome dish is a must-try for any lover of pork chops.


The feel of Decanter has always been one of relaxation and comfortable conversation, so the Pork Chop a la Brasa will have you leaning back in your chair feeling very comfortable and full. It is roasted on a charcoal fire and served with a crispy maple bacon crumb flask and a romesco sauce that has a mixture of salty and sweet flavours

Paulaner Brauhaus

One of the most well-known German restaurants in Jakarta, Paulaner Brauhaus has a whole host of pork-based dishes to whet your appetite. Its large pork chop is served with the traditional German helping of pork sausages and other pork delicacies—perfect for sharing if you can bear to part with the tasty meat.  


For something a little different when looking for a pork chop, visit Pokenbir. The rather small pork specialist restaurant has a Vietnamese-styled version with pork chop grilled in a Vietnamese sauce and served with a light side of rice.

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