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Be it light home-made pasta, an abundance of toppings on a thin-crust pizza, or a rich Italian sauce, Yogyakarta has you covered. The range of restaurants in the Javanese cultural hotspot is increasing all the time, and the options for enjoying Italian cuisine are substantial—so much so that here are six places in which to enjoy some delicious Italian food while in Yogyakarta.

Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil

The menu at Mediterranea Restaurant by Kamil is filled with rich flavours and bright colours. The use of cheese, garlic, and other Mediterranean staples really sets the menu apart from other establishments. The décor is relaxed and unimposing with smaller tables positioned in perfect places for a more personal dining experience.

Sixsenses Kitchen

Offering a mix of Spanish, French, and Italian flavours means the food at Sixsenses Kitchen is some of the best in the whole city. The ambience is truly romantic and perfect for a unique meal with someone special. Everything on the menu is worth trying, but always remember to ask about the specials menu as it can be filled with amazing additions.

Nanamia Pizzeriapizza nanamia.jpg

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Although the food is good at Nanamia Pizzeria, it is the ambience that really makes it a cut above the rest. A great place to visit with friends or the whole family, the menu has some of the first thin-crust pizza in the city, and each one is filled with an abundance of flavours and toppings.

Aglioo Pizza and Pasta

Dim lighting with just a hint of violet and a menu that was made to have fun make Aglioo Pizza and Pasta a popular place to visit. The décor is cool and relaxed, and a wood-fired oven gives the pizzas a unique flavour and taste. While you can enjoy a pizza or pasta choice, you can also enjoy some really interesting cocktail variations here, too.

Artemy Italian Gelato

Due to the amazing pizzas and pastas that are associated with Italian cuisine, many people forget the sweet offerings—but Artemy Italian Gelato is determined not to let that happen. With a whole host of cakes, pies, and, of course, gelatos, your sweet tooth will be totally satisfied.

Pasta Banget Signature

With its hanging lights, open space, and local feel, Pasta Banget Signature has become a popular place for romantic meals and wedding receptions. The menu is filled with large dishes that are rich in flavours, making it the perfect place to share a large main dish and a bottle of wine with someone special.

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