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Every year, people look to break their fast in new and tasty ways. And with the ever-growing food scene in Jakarta, the choice is yours as to restaurants in which to enjoy a range of cuisines and dishes. For something different this year, here are six new restaurants to break a long day of fasting in Jakarta.

Sister Fields

If you’re looking for something sweet to end your fast, then the recent addition of the Balinese-founded Sister Fields will satisfy. Housed in PIK Avenue Mall, the all-day brunch menu is perfect for those who want a mixture of sweet delights and savoury dishes in order to enjoy a hearty meal. Get there a bit early to put your order in as this can be a popular place to dine whatever time it is.

Duan Muda Soul Food

The latest restaurant to celebrate the wide variety of Indonesian cuisine in the city, Duan Muda Soul Food’s menu is filled with love and passion for local dishes. So when looking for somewhere to enjoy some really well-made Indonesian food, this could be a great choice. Sit down and enjoy a host of dishes created under the guidance of Chef Andrea Peresthu that celebrate everything the rich archipelago has to offer.

Bambaiya Café

Breaking your fast is all about sharing delicious food with the people around you, and very few cuisines can do this as well as Indian food. With so many flavours and amazing sides, you will be diving in to some mouthwatering flavours and aromas. The new Bambaiya Café by the well-respected Queens Tandoor brings the famous “small dish” style of Bombay to Jakarta. Perfect for lovers of Indian food and of sharing unique dishes.


Ramadan can be a hard time due to changes both in diet and eating times. Therefore, dining with healthy dishes in mind can be vital to remaining active during the day. The newly opened Fedwell lives up to its name by providing a variety of fillings and base ingredients to make your own healthy bowl of choice from the set menu.   

Feast by Kokiku

Having become known as a culinary platform for famous contributors such as Chef Yuda Bustara and Chef Putri Miranti, Feast has now branched out to a new restaurant. Feast by Kokiku is headed up by Chef Ray Jensen, and, as the name suggests, it is an amazing place to break your fast with so many flavours and dishes to feast upon. If you’re looking ahead to a special fast-breaking meal, order the 48-hour grilled beef ribs to share and make the occasion extra-memorable.


The notion of great food is celebrated by encouraging the element of sharing at Soulfood in the Gunawarman area. And with a menu that has such delicious dishes like the house special squid-ink fried rice and wagyu beef along with a whole host of famous desserts, there is something for everyone. The menu is served in larger-than-normal portions to help maintain the idea of sharing, and the private rooms offer a more secluded place to break your fast. 

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