Korean food is becoming more popular in the city, with Hallyu, or the K-pop culture wave officially dominating everything from TV to music to the food industry. This great food awakening has mostly been driven by Korean dramas and music: highly anticipated films and music are the main factors for the rise of global awareness about South Korean culture, especially food.

 So, as you’d expect, Korean kitchens have made landfall across the city. The food mostly consists of rice, lots of vegetables, a variety of meats (especially beef and pork), and seafood. Korean cuisine offers a special, exotic and particular taste that is somehow familiar to Indonesians due to the variety of spices used to create delectable, hearty dishes.

 To start your journey of finding the hidden gems of Korean cuisine, we’ve rounded up six recommended restaurants in Jakarta you should try.

Cheongdam Garden

Located in the heart of Jakarta, Cheongdam is known as a hidden gem of Korean cuisine in the city. If you’re craving a hearty, authentic Korean meal, then Cheongdam will definitely satisfy your cravings. From Korean BBQ, porridge, stew, kimbap, and mandu (dumplings), Cheongdam has it all. And to complete your dining experience, all dishes come with a variety of banchan, or side dishes, and the best part is they’re all refillable!

Cheongdam Garden
Jl. Senopati No. 43C
South Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 521 2522

 Seorak Chuoetang

Korean food is not always about BBQs and grilled meat; at Seorak Chuoetang, you can find other unique and interesting authentic Korean dishes, such as Jok Bal, a popular pork dish that contains lots of collagen which is also good for your skin. It’s basically braised pork with soy sauce that won’t let you stop munching. If you want something spicy, then you should try the Cheese Dakgalbi, which is a stir-fried marinated chicken in chili pepper paste or Gochujang and topped with melted cheese.

Seorak Chuoetang (Bumbu Satu)
Jl. Senopati Raya No.74A
South Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 722 1852

 Seorak Chuoetang (Bumbu Dua)
Ruko Inkopal, Jl. Boulevard Barat Blok F No. 36, 

Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 2937 5435

 Samwon Garden

If you’re looking for a fine-dining experience with beautiful views of Jakarta while enjoying a Korean BBQ, then Samwon Garden is the right place for you. Samwon Garden also offers various kind of banchan and also a varied selection of authentic Korean dishes. Here you can try Samwon Galbi, which will definitely melt in your mouth, as only premium-grade meat is used, and don’t forget to try the spicy buckwheat noodle.

Samwon Garden

Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jl. Prof Dr Satrio

Karet, Jakarta

Phone: (+62) 21 2988 9505


Courtesy of Gahyo

Located in the SCBD area, Gahyo specialises in Korean BBQs and has a really nice authentic Korean interior, which leaves a very pleasant Korean vibe. We recommend you try Daechang, grilled beef large intestine, and pair it with Soju. The Koreans believe that any greasy food is best paired with alcoholic beverages. So, grilled large intestine with Soju, will guarantee to give you bliss for your tongue.


Lot 6, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman

SCBD, Jakarta

Phone: (+62) 21 5289 7044

 Mapogalmaegi Magal BBQ

Mapogalmaegi is a Korean BBQ restaurant in which you can choose to have the meat grilled at your table. Banchan is also served to complete the BBQ, and the restaurant has a variety of meat and cuts to choose from. Its specialty is Galmaegisal, or pork skirt meat, but they also have several set menus if you also want to try another type of meat.

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No.11
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone (+62) 21 2952 5780


Jl. Senopati No. 60, Senopati

South Jakarta

Phone: (+62) 21 739 8350

 Born Ga

Another Korean BBQ you should try, Born Ga serves a range of banchan and fresh veggies. Don’t forget to try the Woo Samgyup or Beef Brisket Dressed with Born Ga’s Special Sauce. Born Ga claims this menu items as its signature; the thinly sliced beef will definitely melt in your mouth.

Born-Ga PIK
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D53-55
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone: (+62) 21 2923 7515
Born-Ga Kelapa Gading
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya Blok LC-6 No. 56-57
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta 
Phone: (+62) 21 452 8933/ 452 8937
Born-Ga Kebayoran Baru
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 24
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 
Phone: (+62) 21 739 6229


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