A healthy meal can help creating better workforce and setting people up for an efficient day. Although many don’t bother creating healthy dishes, it maybe time consuming to do it constantly. However, with so many healthy catering services now available, everyone can enjoy tasty and healthy meals. To help you stay fit, here are 6 healthy food catering services in Jakarta you can try while doing social distancing.

1/6 Burgreens

82932421_2673265176061656_2829207664799904789_n.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Burgreens Instagram 

All the famously healthy food that is available in the popular restaurant is now on offer for catering. A full range of healthy snacks, meals, and dishes are all on offer with some specialised vegan-friendly options standing out.  The new catering menu includes a raw food and juice detox, and healthy eating for breastfeeding moms.

2/6 Forking Clean

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With a health-conscious menu that changes week after week without ever sacrificing taste, Forking Clean is the type of place that will become our favourite choice very quickly. Lemon quinoa avocado-cilantro chickpea salads and ayam rica-rica with brown rice are just some of the options you can enjoy. Overall, the focus is offering tasty food that will not have you worrying about the health benefits.

3/6 Leafwell 83893470_173706880683276_3390738044897251482_n.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Leafwell Instagram

With three distinctive options, Leafwell is an easy option when you know what you’re looking for. Weight Loss, Maintain, and Muscle up are the three options that are available when looking to order your healthy catering service. All of the meals are designed by a team of nutritionists and doctors, so you know you’re in good hands.

4/6 3 Skinny Minnies69553315_527406354686447_8111928915306692941_n.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of 3 Skinny Minnies Instagram

One of the first options in the city for healthy catering services, 3 Skinny Minnies offers a well-established selection of specialised meals. Fixed meals can be paid for and set for up to a week, which can make things a lot easier, and with options like Breastfeeding sets and other special packages there is something for everyone.

5/6 Gorry Gourmet

84884991_2848620805161419_4171488388180887984_n.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Gorry Gourmet 

What really sets Gorry Gourmet apart from the rest is the healthy food packages that are designated for people of all ages. Not only can adults enjoy an à la carte menu but also children with a set of bento boxes for kids. So now the whole family can eat healthily every day of the week.

6/6 Health’s Kitchen 90091607_1069830523378883_6274129839380348797_n.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Health's Kitchen

Offering a range of meals at some of the lowest prices in town, Health’s Kitchen is more than just cheap meals. The quality is always great, and the mix of options sees a range of dietary and cuisine choices that can please almost everyone while also looking like expertly made dishes.

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