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The cool mountain air of Bandung is the perfect place to enjoy an ice-cold beer or a fun cocktail. Many travellers from Jakarta head down to enjoy the cooler weather and fresher winds during long weekends and other holidays. This has led to many bars opening up in the city that are great for enjoying with friends. So here are six bars in which you can enjoy a drink or two with friends in Bandung.

Maja House

A great place to enjoy both Bandung’s spectacular scenery and some great drinks, Maja House is popular with many locals and visitors to the city. During the weekend, it becomes a lively club venue while the weekdays are a little quitter. This makes it a great place to enjoy sunset views of Bandung with friends or dance the night away after a long work week.

Golden Monkey

Settled in the Dago Highlands is Golden Monkey. The spacious seating, Indonesian specialty food, Western home cooking, and a wide array of cocktails make this the perfect place to chill with friends. So sit back on a comfortable sofa and enjoy another perfect view, a fully belly, and some excellent drinks.


The large space and extended menu make Verde a very popular place for many of the students and younger inhabitants of Bandung looking to enjoy good conversation and a drink. The food is varied but the pizza menu is a particular standout for sharing with large groups of friends while you all enjoy a glass of beer or wine.

Saka Eatery and Bar

Known for its famous 3D latte art Saka Eatery and Bar also has a great wine list, which is perfect when combined with the mix of Asian and Western cuisine. The mix of open space and modern décor makes this a perfect place for a romantic meal with someone special or cocktail party with friends.

Fabrik Eatery and Bar

A very popular place with the young foodies of the city, Fabrik Eatery and Bar is nestled in a concept store that is often filled with shoppers. The cool vintage interior houses a café and a beer garden with a full drinks menu. The wide selection can be enjoyed with some perfectly prepared steaks and sandwiches.

UMá Kitchen and Bar

Although as night-time falls the sound of a band or DJ fills UMá Kitchen and Bar, during the day you can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with a quieter ethos. The mix of relaxing vibes in the evening and fun music in the later hours mean this is a great place to chill with friends in the later hours.

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