A capital city always offers a range of restaurants, bars and clubs to fulfil everyone’s needs or desires, and Jakarta is no different. With talented DJs and bar staff, you can enjoy a range of options. So here are six clubs that offer you the chance to forget that busy week at the office. 


Depending on which night you go, Immigrant will offer you a range of popular music choices. Be it RnB, EDM or just the current Top 40, you’ll be able to enjoy the intimate dance floor while trying a range of drinks from the bar.


Following the success of the site in Seminyak in Bali, Jenja opened a new club right here in Jakarta. Located in South Jakarta, it might be hard to get to for some, but the DJs on offer here are varied and very talented, offering a wide range of music that can be enjoyed by a variety of music-loving Jakarta residents.


Due to its popularity, it might be a good idea to book a table at the colourful club Dragonfly. Famous for its stunning interior this is one of the most expensive and busy clubs in the city. The music is a mix of resident and popular guest DJs, so check what is happening before booking your table.


With a 50m-long bar, you might think that this is not the place to enjoy a dance, but along with a well-stocked bar you can also enjoy one of the best sound systems in the city. The high ceilings and chic crowd make for great acoustics and eclectic dancing partners. 


After enjoying some cocktails in Lucy in the Sky, many of the rich and elite of the younger generation head to Fable. It offers great sounds and table service—if you are lucky enough to book one. This is the perfect place if you are looking for where the new Jakarta generation of 20 something hang out. 


The recent guest DJs, which included Dirty South, Fat Boy Slim and Richie Hawtin, shows the calibre of music on offer at Blowfish. After the 2014 renovation this once slightly quite club has become one of the best and most respected place to dance in the whole city. The décor is cool and fun while being popular with a range of ages and nationalities.

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