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With many of us rushing off to work in the early hours, we tend to forget to start with a good breakfast in the morning. However, Jakarta offers many delicious, organic and healthy options across the city. To help you find them, here are six breakfast hotspots where you can get the early morning boost you need to start your day.

Monolog Coffee Company

If you’re looking for something filling but also healthy, then head to Pacific Place. Offering up so many filling options, which can be enjoy breakfast all day, these are some of the best-quality ingredients and also keep things healthy. 

Berrywell SCBD

With the calorie count for everything on the menu firmly on display you’re in for no surprises except some great flavours. Offering some great fruit smoothies with various toppings and some tasty vegetarian options, Berrywell is a great place to stop or to take away a healthy start to the day.

Nalu Bowls Jakarta

Located in the popular area of Kemang, the Famed Bali based Nalu Bowls offers some tasty treats as well as expertly made dishes. Along with the range of products you’d come to expect from a healthy establishment, you can also find homemade granola, which is baked freshly every day, and fruit-filled smoothie bowls. Each one filled with a range of healthy options.


Serving a range of options, which are all sourced from its very own organic farm, Snctry is the perfect place to order anything off the menu and be guaranteed to get something that is good for. The décor is made with a focus on using recycled materials, so it good for the environment as well as you.

Michelle Organic Corner

Hidden away in Menteng is Michelle Organic Corner, which is marketed as the one-stop shop for all your organic needs. Offering up a wide variety of healthy snacks and dishes, it is a great place to stop in before work. Also, you can do a bit of shopping with its fully stocked organic supermarket. 

Beets and Bouts

For those who want something a bit more Indonesian for their morning meal, there is Beets and Bouts. As well as a great selection of healthy juices, overnight oats and smoothies, you can enjoy a salad or a healthy version of Nasi Merah, Nasi Purut, Nasi Kebuli and Nasi Kuning.

 Burgreens Eat and Go At Organik Klub

Opening up across the city is the deliciously healthy option of Burgreens. If you are one of the many busy office workers in the centre of the city, then you might be lucky enough to find yourself in the Tebet Eat and Go Burgreens organic club. With a breakfast menu named “Clean breakfasts” you know that you are in for something that will set you up for the day to come.

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