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Over the last few years, ramen has become a staple of the Jakarta food scene. With complex flavours contained in the broth, which are brought out by care and a number of traditional recipes, they are both tasty and unique. So with more new ramen-styled restaurants appearing every year, we have put together a list of the six best ramen restaurants to check out in Jakarta right now.

 Bariuma Ramen

 If you find yourself in Bariuma Ramen during the popular lunch hours, be ready for a very crowded meal. However, where there are crowds there is always good food and this is added to by the name originating from the Japanese translation for “super tasty”. The broth is thicker than other ramen restaurants and is full of flavour. If you enjoy pork ramen, check out the Ajitama-Uma with the traditional egg topping making all the difference.

 Marutama Ramen

With a famously made chicken broth and award-winning toppings, Marutama has become a popular choice for all ramen lovers. If you’re scouring the city, you’ll find it hard to get a better broth as the Toripatan-styled soup is amazing. All broths are chicken-based even if you order the pork toppings, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing flavours on offer.

 Menya Sakura

A smaller brand in Japan, Menya Sakura is well known for very long queues. The most popular branch is in Kuningan and offers delicious pork- and chicken-based dishes that are very popular. Also, you can enjoy the uniquely coupled fish and chicken dish named Tuuke-men. Along with great food you can enjoy a relaxing ambience that offers a little touch of Japan in a busy Jakarta.

 Ippudo Ramen

Located in Pacific Place, Ippudo was founded in 1985 and uses the tonkotsu style of pork-based ramen. It is extremely popular in Japan with more than 80 stores, and when you try the food you’ll see why. Offering four types of noodle there is something for everyone with the Shiro Motoaji Special being a very popular choice.

 Hakata Ramen

One of the oldest ramen chains in Jakarta, Hakata offers a staple and flavoursome dish that is loved by many people across the city. Depending on where you go, you can either enjoy pork or pork-free ramen, with the Northern restaurants focusing more on pork. Check out Panti Indah Kapuk for one of the most popular eateries in the area, but remember that parking might be a problem due to its popularity. 


With a very minimalistic interior, you might be put off by this ramen delight, but remember that Japanese ramen shops are famous for their basic interiors. Along with the more traditional ambience you’ll be able to enjoy some great food with a lot of care taken with each dish, as this the only branch currently in Jakarta. Check out the spicy Tonkotsu Shisen Ramen for a tasty start. 

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