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Very few cuisines take as much care with providing desserts that are as pleasurable on the eye as they are on the palate as the French. The skill and love that goes into each creation is evident with every bite. With so much great French cuisine in Jakarta it comes as no surprise that dessert is most definitely on the menu. So to help you choose your next indulgence, here are five places to enjoy some decadently delicious French desserts in Jakarta.

Paul Patisserie

Not all French desserts are cakes. The baked offering at Paul’s Patisserie are just as tasty as the cream-covered counterparts. When enjoyed with expertly made coffee they are the perfect way to start a day or to enjoy a light snack while treating yourself. 

Sophie Authentique

With sites across the city, you are never too far away from enjoying some French decadence. As well as cakes and other baked delights you can enjoy some of the best macarons in the city. Also the Mini Eclairs are just small enough to enjoy more than one without too much guilt.

Bistro Garçon

Dining at Bistro Garçon is all about enjoying perfectly prepared food that is extremely photogenic. The dessert section is filled with so many choices it will be hard to choose just one. However, where the menu really shines is the constantly changing themed additions. Be it Christmas or Valentine’s Day you will be able to enjoy or buy for someone special some of the best themed desserts and cakes in the city.


When discussing French Cuisine in Jakarta, Lyon is always involved. The care and time taken to produce the amazing menu has resulted in some beautiful dishes. Along with some luxury main courses, the dessert menu is filled with decedent additions that taste as good as they look.

Le Quartier

The menu at Le Quartier is filled with delicious elements and as your eyes fall to the dessert selection you will not be disappointed. Although there are always specially made cakes on display to enjoy, the Souffle is on another level. You can enjoy the classic or chocolate version and you only have to wait 15 minutes.

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