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When you’re stuck in the office and craving teh tarik, you will often find yourself empty-handed because you’re so busy. But if you explore online, you can find some homemade recipes, which can be sent right to your door. Here are five teh tariks you can find online in Jakarta.

Molto Autentico Pull Tea

Preparing orders for right across the city, Molto Autentico Pull Tea is a big favourite already. Coming in nice, simple packaging, the authentically styled teh tarik is a lovely mix of sweet and creamy flavours that will never cease to satisfy.

The Du’a

The Du'a teh tarik is only made with high-quality tea, milk, sugar, and no powder. This means no preservatives are used when brewing the family recipe. The individual bottles use 45mg of caffeine, which is just enough to keep you up, focused, and ready for work. You can also enjoy it in classic, milky and choco hazel flavours.

Cari Kopi

Although known for its iced coffee, Cari Kopi is branching out to make delicious teh tarik. Choose from a few versatile flavours and enjoy some ice-cold tea in the comfort of your office chair. Perfect for a little bit of a stronger caffeine kick when you need it. 

Citra Rasa

The colourfully decorated Citra Rasa offers teh tarik, Thai Tea, Green Tea, Cappucino and Moccacino all of which are homemade using their own recipes. Brightly coloured and unique in both style and flavour, you will have nothing but fun when you order from Citra Rasa.

Mak Jelly Official

One popular thing that can add some tasty fun to your teh tarik is jelly. With sites across the city, you can order from almost everywhere when you fancy some Mak Jelly The. Enjoy each fun jelly bite as you drink your sweet and milky teh tarik.

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