Every year, we find more ways to make ourselves healthier and this one is no different. With organic food still going strong, it’s time for other nutritional food trends to find ways to make ourselves healthier in the coming months. So to help, here are five trends becoming popular in 2018.

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Powdered nutrients are nothing new, with protein powders and other natural herbs being used by many people. Yet many people are beginning to use collagen powder due to the skin improvements it offers. The most common usage comes with a few teaspoons in your coffee of a morning, so keep an eye out the next time you’re in your local coffee shop.

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After a long working week or a heavy night out with friends, many like to turn to a detoxing juice to help get themselves back on track. However, detoxing foods are also becoming more popular around the world, as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green tea, and arugula are all being used to help rid people’s bodies of toxins.

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We have mentioned before about the ongoing trend of flowers and other botanicals being popular in the culinary world. Mushrooms are the supposed big star of 2018 due to their apparent improving traits with regards to the brain. And even more garden products will be picked for their health benefits this year, with holy basil, reishi mushrooms, and many more becoming popular.

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Turmeric is becoming more and more popular within many healthy focused circles along with many other spices. One of the most talked-about spice-inducing health benefit foods is “golden milk”, which has a number of benefits, such as anti-inflammatory properties, digestion improvements, and gut health. More spices could become popular in the coming months.

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Late-night work or just long-hour hobbies, there are so many reasons for us to find ourselves suffering from insomnia, but a few nice edible treats might be the answer. Products like “dream water” or sleeping lotions have been around for some time, but now many nutritionists are supporting certain foods for a good sleep, with things like dried cherries, pistachios, or whole-grain cereal and milk being particularly effective.

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