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Due to its geographical advantages and amazing soil, Indonesia has become famous for the growth of things like coffee and grapes. However, it is not only coffee that is cultivated and grown in the great archipelago, as the chocolate grown and produced here has become famous across the globe, with many shops selling it for a very high price. Here are five chocolates to rival the best in the world.

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Java Criollo is the most famous type of cocoa from Indonesia and it is only grown in 10 per cent of the world. The brown beans have an unrivalled quality, which has earned them the name “noble chocolate”. Known to have a rough texture and a complex flavour profile, the finishing taste is surprisingly soft. Due to its limited availability, this chocolate can be very expensive and rare.

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Seen by many as having the strongest flavour in Indonesia, Pidie Jaya is created using a unique process involving a fermentation process using wooden boxes for five days. The result is a predominantly bitter taste with a sour finish and a slight taste of tobacco

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This chocolate has a caramel-sweet base and is slightly creamy with a fruity flavour similar to berries. The flavour profile is influenced by geographical conditions, where chocolate included in the Trinitario variety is planted at an altitude of 200-250 metres above sea level. This helps to control the time and speed of growth and leads to a very complex flavour.

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Originating for the city nicknamed “the sunrise of Java”, Glenmore chocolate is one of the world’s best chocolates. Its low fat content makes it not easy to melt, which, in turn, makes the process of making and shaping it more difficult that other types. This care and consideration have resulted in the chocolate being shipped to various countries around the world.

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Famous for the unique touch of cloves and coffee when balancing the flavour profile, Tanazozo coffee is very popular with visiting foreigners. The planting of the coffee, which is over 500 metres above sea level, gives a truly special geographical complexity that you will not find with other chocolates. Thanks to its uniqueness, Tanazozo chocolate is widely used by chefs around the world.

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