When you’re hanging out with friends and looking for light bites, pancakes may sound like a great idea. Its fluffy texture combined with the sweetness of the sauce or syrup may just be what you need to brighten up your day. There are so many varieties of pancakes out there these days. Here, we have compiled five eateries in Jakarta that serve delicious pancakes on their menus.

Maple & Oak

Who can resist the combination of fluffy pancake, granola, fresh berries, maple syrup, and soft ice cream? Maple & Oak in Menteng happens to have that perfect combination for you. Be it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this pretty pancake will bring a smile to your face just from the sight of it.

The Goods Diner

You can find a selection of delicious pancakes at The Goods Diner’s weekend brunch menu in its Fairgrounds SCBD branch. Its Apple Crumble Hotcake, for example, is a real treat to both your sight and taste buds. It is made of a vanilla ice cream, burned butter crumbs, and poached apples, all served on top of fluffy pancake complete with miso caramel sauce poured onto it. Heaven!


How about something more fulfilling? Loewy in Oakwood Premier Cozmo building offers up a different kind of choice with its Ricotta Pancakes. The combination of fluffy pancake, fresh fruits, maple syrup, and a choice of beef bacon or chicken, or beef sausage will be the perfect companion for your cup of tea.

Social House

If you’re searching for a sweet breakfast then perhaps Social House in Grand Indonesia should be a consideration. Opt for its Blueberry & Chia Seeds Pancakes, which includes maple syrup, Greek yogurt frosting, all topped with fresh blueberries. In addition to the great interior and cosy ambience, Social House is a great place to have your breakfast while socialising with others.

Grand Café

Located in the luxurious Grand Hyatt hotel, Grand Café is the ideal place to indulge in a selection of delectable breakfast menu in a classy setting. It’s à-la-carte breakfast menu has pancakes arranged with berry compote, maple syrup, and whipped cream, which is an ideal dish for those with an extra-sweet tooth to start the day.

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