Brunch is perfect for those who miss breakfast or people looking to have an early meeting. A number of highly regarded restaurants and hotels have a range of brunch offers all week. However, when enjoy some light dining from a brunch menu, it is always good to remember certain unspoken rules that maintain the enjoyment and also help to keep things moving efficiently. With this in mind, here are five don’ts you should remember in order to maintain brunch etiquette.  

Don’t sit yourself earlysit yourself.jpg


Servers, bartenders, and the kitchen often need every last minute to set tables, brew coffee, and prep food for the busy day ahead. This can lead to some people attempting to sit themselves early. Doing this only puts everyone behind as they rush to sit you and take your order before heading back to their own routine.

Don’t get to excited about the eggseggs.jpg


It is hard to escape eggs in some form or other during brunch. They are a versatile protein-filled brunch favourite, and many people have a particular way of enjoying them. However, try not to go overboard and order a twisted variation of what is already on the menu and just enjoy the well-crafted meal.

Don’t ask for something from the dinner menudinner menu.jpg


“Could I just?” is so often asked when people spy the dinner menu during brunch. Asking for something off a menu that is not being handed to you is a quick way to be disappointed as often this menu will involve different preparation and ingredients that may not even be in the kitchen yet.

Don’t go overboard with special ordersspecial order.jpg


One special request can be normal, but a tableful of them will slow your order down and keep you waiting. This is only going to upset you if you are hosting a meeting and have to rush back to the office. If you have to ask for particular things or speciality items, try to order ahead to save disappointment during your busy day.

Don’t go off the coffee menucoffee.jpg


With the ever-changing face of coffee many people enjoy frappuccinos, soya mocha lattes, and other strange concoctions. These are great to enjoy in your local coffee shops, but during brunch it is highly possible that the same coffee-roasting expertise is not on hand with the same range of syrups and equipment that you are used to. The result is a confused waiter or waitress and a disappointed look on your face—so stick to the menu.

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