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Everyone loves a good cup of coffee and finding a new place to enjoy it is always a happy occurrence. New places are popping up all the time, and while many are found in malls and other popular places some are also hidden away. These smaller coffee shops tend to offer a little more personal care with your coffee and are a great place to enjoy some me time. So, to get you relaxed, here are five coffee shops in Jakarta you may have missed.

Nove Coffee

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A more colourful option when looking for a cup of freshly made coffee, Nove Coffee is happy addition to the Pluit caffeine scene. Many of the flavoured coffees are a happy change from the normal flavours and brews—the Red Velvet Latte is a big favourite with its rich red colour and delicious flavour. 

One Fine Day Café

A comfortable addition to a growing culinary and coffee serving scene in Kelapa Gading, One Fine Day Café has a naturally coloured décor with prominent greys, whites, and other neutral colours. The food menu is filled with many pork-based dishes, which can be a problem if you don’t eat it. However, if you are fine with pork then this is great place to grab a snack and cup of coffee.

Hegemony Coffee & Eatery (HOI Coffee)

Choose from several variants of coffee beans and then have professional staff make an amazing coffee for you. This is the basic notion of Hegemony Coffee and Eatery, which is also known as HOI, as great coffee and a love for making it is all you need to know. The relaxing atmosphere is helped by soothing music and a range of books to read while you drink and eat.

Ombé Kofie

Tucked away in Pluit is Ombé Kofie, a privately owned little coffee shop that takes great pride in the preparation of its coffee. The staff are really friendly and take great pride in talking you through the brewing process. Also, the collection of home-made cakes is always delicious and not to be missed.

Goni Coffee

Located in east Kemang, Goni Coffee is a neighbourhood coffee shop that gives you the feeling that it has been opened by a group of friends. The friendly and warm atmosphere makes you settled straight away and ready to enjoy your coffee. The warm wooden finish is lit up by natural light that beams through the windows, which helps the many people you will find inside reading there books or checking the news on their phones.

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