The best part of travelling or going out of town is bring home a flavour of your trip with an edible souvenir. In Indonesia, souvenirs related to specialty dishes are popular among travellers. And, of course, each region has different types of dish, such as Bika Ambon from Medan, Bakpia from Yogyakarta, and Lapis Surabaya from Surabaya.

More recently, local celebrities have started to join the gift shop business specialising in cake. Big cities like, Malang, Bandung, Palembang, Pontianak, and Cirebon now seem to add more variants to their signature foods, made by local celebrities.

These cakes always earn huge enthusiasm from tourists and travellers. If you’re curious as to what else those celebrities have to offer, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites!

Malang Strudel

Flaky and sugary pastry with various flavours and fillings, Malang Strudel is a big hit in Malang. Established in 2014, this brand, owned by Teuku Wisnu, is successfully stealing the crowds. People are loving the crust and the sweet, fruity fillings, and you can only get this cake at the official store at Malang. Malang Strudel even recently agreed to collaborate with the Tourism Ministry in a co-branding partnership to promote local products, since Malang Strudel has become one an essential for tourists  to bring home as a food souvenir.

Bandung Princess Cake

Shout out to Incess Lovers! (Yes, that’s what Syahrini calls her cake shop fans). The self-proclaimed princess established her cake shop this year in June. Syahrini said that her cake is inspired by the fluffy Japanese cake and the beauty of Bandung’s landscape, and apparently people are just crazy about it! The fluffy cake, topped with cream cheese in triangles, was sold out in just two hours on the opening day.

Lamington Pontianak

Located at Ahmad Yani, Pontianak, Glenn Alinskie and his wife Chelsea Olivia opened the first Lamington Cake using only local ingredients. Lamington is, in fact, an Australian cake made of pound cake coated in chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. Turns out, the people of Pontianak and tourists are loving this cake! Since July, the official store has been open 24 hours!  

Cirebon Cinnamon Cake

Another couple has officially invaded another city in Indonesia. Cirebon Cinnamon Cake was established earlier this year by Dimas Seto and Dhini Aminarti. They have five variants of flavours, such as extra cheese, apple cinnamon, chocolate, milk banana and hazelnut crispy.

Queen Apple Malang

The gorgeous and sexy chef Farah Quinn created Queen Apple and Apple Strudel for her pastry shop in Malang and there are now nine branches of the store in Malang. Queen Apple comes in the form of an apple crumb cake, with the Apple Strudel itself pretty similar to the European dessert of the same name.



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