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Fried chicken, or ayam goreng as it is known in Indonesia, is a beloved dish enjoyed across the city. As a result, many people have their favourite version or place to enjoy some of the crispy, succulent meat as a snack or a larger meal. To add a few more places to visit, here are five places where you can enjoy some amazing ayam goreng in Jakarta that you might have missed.

Ayam Blenger PSP

At Ayam Blenger PSP you can enjoy the latest variation of the beloved fried chicken, ayam geprek. The dish sees the fried chicken served without bones and crushed with chilies; it is then laid evenly over rice for an even mouthful full each time. There is also the option to have melted cheese on the top, which is a must for cheese lovers.


Photo Courtesy of Ootoya Indonesia

Although fried food isn’t often connected with the fresh delights of Japanese cuisine, there are a few tasty fried treats to enjoy for those people looking for them. One of these is the karaage, which is served at Ootoya: boneless fried chicken pieces made with thigh meat and skin—the perfect addition to any home-cooked Japanese-themed menu.


Another food trend that is being mixed with ayam goreng is salted egg. At one of the many newly opened Eatlah outlets, you can enjoy crispy chicken tenders doused in an incredibly rich curry-tinged sauce along with a serving of rice and a sunny-side-up egg for extra flavour.

Mr. Fox

Along with some rather tasty salted-egg chicken wings, you can also enjoy delicious crispy chicken addition to the menu at Mr. Fox in SCBD. The Nashville Chicken Burger is getting a reputation as one of the best crispy chicken burgers in the city. Crunchy chicken is served between brioche buns, along with a seriously spicy sauce, carrots, and cabbage coleslaw

Chir Chir

Located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, Chir Chir’s dishes often find themselves on many people’s Instagram feeds and other social media. While it is most famous for its honey butter chicken, it is the Nest Snow dish that is the must-try fried chicken dish. Spicy chicken tenders are served with a rich cream sauce, sweet potato mash, grated cheese, and finished unsweetened whipped cream on top. A unique addition to the fried chicken menu, is it hugely popular with everyone who visits.

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