Jakartans love their breads and pastries and that’s a fact. Bread can be regarded as a daily staple, whether it’s for appetisers or breakfast or even midnight snacking, and when you’re living in a cosmopolitan city such as Jakarta, you’re able to choose from myriad bakeries around town that serve their own versions of baked goods and homemade recipes added with artisanal touches. To help you pick out your baked goods needs, we have rounded up 5 bakeries in Jakarta from which to get your daily dough fix.

PAUL Bakery & Patisserie

When it comes to bakeries, this French patisserie will always make the list. Founded in 1889, Paul is an authentic French bakery shop with more than 400 branches worldwide and offers a wide range of breads and pastries among other fare that looks and tastes delightful. To create the ideal atmosphere, Paul has decorated its shops with a chic Parisian café ambience (read: an open-kitchen concept and a gorgeous outdoor scene) and you can find them at Pacific Place Jakarta and Plaza Indonesia.

Kempi Deli

Nestled in Grand Indonesia mall, as part of Hotel Kempinski Indonesia, Kempi Deli is a cosy and sophisticated bakery that serves authentic European bread and pastries over more than 30 varieties. The selections include cold cuts and sausages and bagels and French pastries. With that in store, Kempi Deli should always be among your choices.

Beau by Talita Setyadi

One of the most-talked-about bakeries in town is none other than Beau by Talita Setyadi. Blending art and innovative baked products, Beau is a bakery project by talented Indonesian pastry chef Talita Setyadi who opened her first branch in Plaza Indonesia mall and branched out with a standalone venue in the Cikajang area for a better bakery experience.

Francis Artisan Bakery

Francis claims that all its breads are made from dough that consists of reduced butter and sugar usage. Adding to this uniqueness, this Japanese-French fusion bakery shop chooses to stick with natural fruit yeast for fermentation. Knowing to produce healthy and tasty breads, Francis is popular for its Obao signature breads that blends Japanese and French baking styles, such as black Chocolate Buns and Quinoa Bread. Visit Francis Artisan Bakery at Grand Indonesia mall.

Eric Kayser

Another renowned French bakery chain, Eric Kayser took Indonesia by storm with its minimalistic ambiance and its classic fresh-from-the-oven boulangeries as well as mouthwatering desserts, of course. Relax with a cup of coffee and matched it with Eric Kayser’s signature Pistachio Éclair in one of its five outlets around Jakarta.


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