Ask anyone who has visited Seminyak area in Bali if they ever dropped by the vibrant and colourful Motel Mexicola, and the chances are they have. The iconic Mexican-themed bar and restaurant is known for its joyful atmosphere, delicious tequilas, and foot-tapping music that can be heard all night long. However, Motel Mexicola also specialises in serving authentic Mexican cuisines that are inspired from the streets and homes in Mexico crafted wonderfully by Chef Steven Skelly.

Recently Indonesia Tatler had the chance to taste a tableful of rich, explosive and titillating Mexican dishes, and we have rounded up our favourite five that you can’t miss the next time you're at Motel Mexicola. Word of advice: You may drool over the pictures!

Guacamole Nachos

The crispy and crunchy bowl of homemade nachos served with guacamole sauce is the perfect appetiser for every guest at Mexicola. Served in a classic bowl, the guacamole sauce, made from smashed avocados, is filled with pico de gallo, also known as salsa fresca, which is made from chopped tomatoes, onion, coriander leaves, and more. The nachos just explode in your mouth, resulting in a combination of sweet, sour and spicy tastes! 

Verdolagas Quesadilla

The quesadilla at Mexicola are made from nixtamalised corn mixed with melted mozzarella cheese that is pulled into strings and laid over the blue corn tortilla, topped with purslane (or Verdolagas) and chopped chilli, before being folded and handed to you in all its glory. The verdolagas quesadilla is served with black beans and fresh pico de gallo

Ceviche Mixto

Ceviche is a popular seafood dish from Mexico and the one we found at Mexicola is a combination of two separate dishes. Ceviche and Mixto are usually served separately, but the innovation found here calls for a new exploration! Both are seafood dishes: prawns and silver dory are cured separately in lime juice before being combined in an aquachile dressing, made of chilli and water. The ceviche is then served with pico de gallo, cucumber, chilli and blue corn tortillas.

Carnitas de Pato

In Mexico, Carnitas (literally means “little meats”) is made by braising pork into oil until it’s tender. But Mexicola substitutes the pork with aromatic braised duck and serves it with green chillis, white onions and coriander. Tender, succulent and all-round delicious!


The famous chocolate biscuit dessert from Mexico, Pinguino, comes to Mexicola with a new twist. Usually, the dessert has a chocolate biscuit base and a creamy white fondant filling and covered in chocolate, but the updated version here comes with warm chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream. The taste is heavenly as one could predict.

(Photo Credit: Motel Mexicola)

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