Don’t claim you’re a foodie if you have never heard of amazing poke bowls. This Hawaiian culinary favourite is currently a trend in the city. The bowls, filled with sushi rice and topped with raw, cubed fish and seasoned with various kinds of dressings, are literally a deconstructed form of sushi, but with a much larger chunk of fish. Poke bowls themselves are most definitely a product of Hawaii’s ethnic diversity.

This simple Hawaiian dish has actually been around for centuries, but nowadays, with the demand for healthy and hearty meals on the rise, poke bowls are the perfect dish for many. Plenty of restaurants have been experimenting with these happy bowls, with some adding other items to complete the meal, from different kinds of raw fish to sauces like mayo or thousand island dressing. Some also add more Japanese touches, like ramen egg or even chuka wakame, or seaweed salad.

If you’re curious about the unique taste of the Hawaiian version of sashimi bowls, then we have the solution: our list below of some of the best in the city!


This recently opened outlet is run by a young chef, Gaby. She says that the main reason behind this restaurant is to try to promote healthier lifestyles. Almost all poke bowl restaurants serve “build-your-own-bowl”, or BYOB. So at Pokinometry, you can choose your poke’s base, from sushi rice to salad and then choose your fish. If you can’t decide whether to go for salmon or tuna, you can have it mixed. Pokinometry also has a wide variety of sauces and toppings. If you are still unsure about what to choose for BYOB, you can also try its already-built Signatures! Go for the Aloha Hawaii Poke Bowl: salmon cubes drenched in original sauce and topped with fresh avocado, seaweed, all with salad or rice. Yum!

Honu Poke & Matcha Bar

Located in Kemang, Honu serves up generous portions of poke bowls. For a very reasonable price, you can get plenty of hunks of fish, various kinds of topping, and a huge portion of rice. Try its best-selling Two & Two: sushi rice topped with both tuna and salmon and tossed in a creamy sauce, which will definitely fill in your tummy and lift up your day.

Limu Poke Shop

If you’re bored with salad or rice, then you should try zoodles or zucchini noodles. Zoodles, aka courgette spaghetti, are technically a zucchini spiralled into long strands like pasta. Zoodles are definitely gluten free, so if you want to try something new and healthier, head for this poke outlet!


This Asian fusion restaurant serves poke bowls with a touch of Indonesia! Its poke bowls  consist of steamed white rice, marinated salmon and tuna, scallions and optional shredded rawit to add more exotic taste to the bowl.

Rock Paper Scissors

This modern Japanese bistro specialises in Western-inspired cooking styles. Thus, a Hawaiian-Japanese bowl is definitely on the menu! Its Tuna Poke Bowl is stunning: marinated tuna paired with avocado and edamame and a light soy sauce dressing will leave you stunned.

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