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After a long day of fasting, many people look to drink or eat kolak as way to both get some energy and also enjoy really delicious food. The banana and sweet potato base is often enjoyed by simply being combined, but many places are attempting to make kolak enjoyable in a whole new way this year. To help you find these interesting kolak creations, here are four places serving the dish in refreshingly new ways.

Gelato Secrets

What could be better on a hot Jakarta evening after a long day of fasting than enjoying some ice-cold gelato? With a combination of all the kolak flavours such as banana, sweet potato, coconut milk, and palm sugar, Gelato Secrets has created a special Ramadan delight for everyone to enjoy. The refreshing gelato is a special addition for Ramadan, so if you miss out you’ll be waiting till next year.


With each year and special occasion, Union’s cakes are becoming more famous across the city. With new Pik Avenue site opening recently, there is even more opportunity to enjoy some high-class cakes. So this Ramadan, you can try out the sweet taste and soft texture of the Kolak Cake, which is deliciously sweet yet refreshingly traditional.


At Tutelo, the notion of sticking to the original flavour of kolak has resulted in the celebration of the dish as a dessert. Each flavour is presented in a delicious sauce while defining colours are both photogenic and mouthwatering. This makes the dish perfect for both adults and children alike.    

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The combination of so many flavours can be difficult as many look to prepare something quick and tasty to break their fast. With this problem in mind, those people looking for kolak turn to Local Flavours for an innovative new approach. By combining all adaptable tastes of the compote into the chips or crisps, the bite-sized delights can be dipped into palm sugar or enjoyed straight away with no waiting or preparation.

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