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Halloween is one of the best times of year, when people can dress as anything they want, be it spooky or fun. As with any festive time, everyone loves to host fun themed parties and every party needs festive drinks. To make your Halloween party the talk of the year, here are four creepily fun ways to make your drinks extra-spooky this Halloween. 

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Fun for all ages, and a very simple way to add some monster fun to your drinks, googly eyes can be bought in a number of stores and can be matched with other monster facial effects. Add some strange-coloured drinks or jelly bites for a fun twist. If you’re enjoying Halloween with children, you can have them not only decorate their own drinks but also name their tasty monster creations. Also you can add some jellied worms and insects as garnishes to add some creepy insect fun, while by using a mould you can add a hint of vodka to make creepy adult garnishes.  

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The quickest and maybe trickiest way to add something spooky to your drinks it to use a little bit of dry ice. If you really look there are many places to get dry ice in the big city, but remember to store it in a Styrofoam cooler. A normal freezer will not keep the ice cold for too long, so as well as wearing insulated oven-gloves remember to order the ice a few hours before serving. Use goggles to protect your eyes when using a small one-inch cube to quickly and effectively chill a cocktail drink, which will bubble for about five minutes before dissolving. Although difficult, it will be worth it.

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Many themed bars across the world use blood bags for a chillingly realistic affect. They can be purchased from a number of well-known online stores and can be a very easy way to add some vampire-themed fun to your festivities. Add food colouring, cranberry juice, or one of the many bright red fizzy drinks you can find in any supermarket for a quick bag of blood, which is ready to drink. Remember to refrigerate them as no one likes a warm beverage—even if it is a blood bag.

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The quickest way to make your drinks spooky and fun is with the whole host of food colourings on offer. As well as being a fun way to get the kids involved, the use of colour can give a sense of potions and magic at any party. However, if you really want to add a mystical side to your beverage, then how about making them glow in the dark. There are a host of online recipes for glow-in-the-dark drinks and ice cubes that are very easy to make, while for those people with limited time, place glow sticks beneath clear drink containers when you are serving them at the table.

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