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Be it luxury surroundings or a decedent menu, Jakarta has it all for any ladies wishing to enjoy a luncheon. Any cuisine is taken care of and your every need is indulged with some delicious results. To make your luncheon decision a little easier, here are 19 perfect places to for a ladies’ luncheon right here in Jakarta.

Sofia at Gunawarman

The celebrity hotspot in the heart of the city, Sofia at Gunawarman offers luxury in comfortable surroundings. All this and delectable drinks and food menus make this perfect for you and your lady friends to relax after a busy morning or before a busy day.

Palm Court

If the stunning chandelier hanging from the 13-metre cupola ceiling isn’t enough to persuade you and the ladies to visit Palm Court, then the excellent service and luxury views should be. For something extra special, remember to call ahead and book a window table to get the full indulgent experience.


Perfect for a light lunch or something more with relaxed ambience and theme, Gioi has a full-flavoured menu downstairs with a great selection of wines and spirits. If you want to make a day of it, then you can head upstairs to enjoy some very comfortable seating and tasty cocktails with smoother mood lighting.

Por Que No

With indoor and outdoor seating, Por Que No is perfect for when the weather allows a more natural setting. Its location in the heart of Menteng means that this is a perfect place for busy ladies who work in the surrounding office and who deserve a bit of fresh air and conversation.

Sophie Authentique

What could be better for an indulgent ladies’ lunch than some French decadence? Enjoy a range of cakes and sweet treats that will be hard to share. The mini eclairs are temptingly moreish, while the macarons are some of the best in the city.

Branche Bistro

Attempting to bring the Parisian lifestyle to Jakarta, Branche is the place to be for young lifestyle trendsetters with the ever-changing interior keeping it up to date. Whatever you find inside it will be the most current and popular setting at that time. Always comfortable and offering great service, this is the place to be.


A rather new addition to the foodie scene in Jakarta, Lalla brings a southern US-themed menu with hints of Asian inspiration. Enjoy some really tasty meat-based dishes and wash them down with some light cocktails that keep things festive and fun.

Cafe Milano

Bringing the culture of Milan and northern Italy to the streets of Jakarta, Café Milano will make you forget where you are. The café opens up onto the street where you can revel in the European trend of drinking coffee under cover. The menu is not large, but each selection is very satisfying. Just remember to bring your shades as it can a bit bright outside.


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Being located in the The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place comes with certain expectations and PASOLA does well to fulfil them. Not overpriced and the buffet on offer has most tastes and needs covered, and is perfect when a large group cannot decide what they want.

Akira Back

If you want to inject luxury and class into your ladies’ luncheon, Akira Back is the place to go. Although normally associated with late-night meals or special couple-themed occasions, it also has a really amazing lunch menu and the surrounding are as tasteful as ever.

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Head over to the Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta for a regal ladies’ luncheon at Table 8. With a décor that inspires feelings of being in a Chinese palace, this is the place to go to impress. The food is of a very high quality as is the service. If you book a large table ahead, you can be assured of stunningly comfortable seating that will have you reaching for your camera.

La Moda

With a long day of shopping in Plaza Indonesia ahead, a quick stop for lunch at La Moda can be the best option. With a menu filled with little bites and dishes that must be tried, you can dine and not be too filled. Enjoy the urap spring rolls or treat yourself to the Tiramisu Macaron.

Patio Venue

Forget about the busy city outside and enjoy a lunch with your friends while you take in the open setting at Patio Dining. The aim here is to make you forget about being in the bustling city, which, when you’re enjoying a ladies’ luncheon, can be the perfect option. Surrounding plants and large windows offer natural light that is sometimes missing from other establishment in the city.


If you and your lady friends just can’t decide what it is you want for lunch, then why not have it all? SATOO, which is housed in the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta has a stunning range of food on offer and is large enough that you feel like you have your own private area without having to book a private room. When you finish remember to leave room for a little dessert-based indulgence, as the cake section is filled with tantalising mini bites.

Blue Terrace at Ayana

A hidden gem that offers some pleasant and quiet dining experiences, which is surprising given its busy surroundings. The food is of a very high quality and the décor is all about comfort. If you want to have great food while enjoying a detailed conversation with the ladies, then this is most definitely the place to go. 

Pala Adas

Sometimes you need some Indonesian decadence in order to escape the modern city you tackle every day. Pala Adas gives you this releases in the lap of luxury while giving you great service and a menu that is both recognisable and filled with new temptations. Also the VIP room is very popualr for a range of parties and celebrations. 


Nestled on the 45th floor of Plaza Tower, Momozen offers you amazing views and one of the most popular menus in the city for food lovers right now. The Japanese cuisine will never disappoint with the real star and must-try being the truffles. But if you want something smaller, there are also a few smaller bites that will satisfy, such as the squid jerky or Hokkaido scallops. 

Peacock Lounge

Well known for the selection of cakes and teas at the Fairmont Hotel, the Peacock Lounge is perfect for a light lunch with friends. The cake platters are fantastic for ordering when you want to share while there are also individual offerings to satisfy personal cravings.

Sainé Daise Bistro

A relaxed setting with a feeling of afternoon clam awaits you at Sainé Daise Bistro, which can be perfect for ladies who want something simple yet of a high standard. The menu is filling and offers a satisfying amount of options while the ambience is conducive for good conversation.

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