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Generally, people don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a slice of delicious cake, but some days are so special they deserve something a little extra. Around the world, the idea of a birthday cake is hugely popular, although the form it takes can change dramatically. So, to help you celebrate here are 14 cake shops that will make your day that extra bit special in Jakarta.

La Maison

Due to the power of Instagram, the original Medan-based La Masion has exploded in popularity in Jakarta. Eventually opening a new site right here in the city, it offers macarons and cakes like Tarte Aux Macaron, Mademoiselle Watermelon, and Dragon fruit cake. Many of the cakes are also decorated with edible flowers for an extra-impressive finish on that special day.

Sugar Ministry

Anything you can imagine can be crafted and created on top of the cake of your choosing at Sugar Ministry. Using fondant icing, you can have a unicorn, your favourite car, or that designer bag you have always wanted. Whatever you choose, the skill and crafting are exceptional and will make any birthday cake even more perfect.

One More Bake

With One More Bake being an Instagram-based business, the focus is on what you see as well as taste. Macarons, pretzels, marshmallows, and fresh flowers are just some of the decorative options you can choose from when getting your perfect made-to-order birthday cake.

Surely Someday Kitchen

Sometimes, cakes can get too fancy or try to include too many additional decorations or toppings. At Surely Someday Kitchen, perfection is sought out through simplicity. Simple, comforting flavours and recognisable designs offer guaranteed quality and will never disappoint you when choosing your cake.   


A staple of the cake scene in Jakarta, Union has some high-quality offerings to choose from with each site having its own signature cake. The Union PIK’s exclusive Ube Velvet Cake is a star on anyone’s table while the Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake is seen by many as the best in the city.


While cakes come in a range of shapes and designs at Ivenoven, it tries to specialise in something more creative. As well as a varied selection of items and inspirations, you can order some the best representation of crafted edible flowers in the city, each made using delicious buttercream.

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Founded by a food stylist from Surabaya, Lareia Cake & Co has taken inspiration from a range of French styles and cakes while embracing Asian flavours. The option to have a range of flavour combinations making up one entire cake is inspired and allows for multiple indulgences to be enjoyed with one order.

AMKC Atelier

Head Pastry Chef Karen Carlotta is famous for taking well-known Indonesian desserts and turning them into cakes that dazzle the senses. Local desserts like pisang ijo and es teler are all reformed into amazing cakes, with the signature soft chiffon sponge confections being the stars of the show.

Ann’s Bakehouse and Creamery

With signatures that include the Reese’s Banana Cake, Bailey’s Tart, Key Lime Pie, and famous New York Cheesecake, Ann’s is a favourite for any lover of cakes. As well as the famous cake menu, you can enjoy a selection of French pastries like choux sable, scones, and éclairs, so there is something to match anyone’s birthday needs.

Doré by LeTAO

Although there is an air of French decadence when enjoy the renowned cheesecakes at Doré, the actual origin is the Japanese destination of Hokkaido. However, the three flavours on offer will each melt in your mouth and are truly some of the best-tasting and looking cheesecakes available anywhere in Jakarta.

Colette and Lola

When perusing the choices at Colette and Lola you soon release that this is not your average cake designer. Bored with the typical round cakes, it has sought to create eye-catching creations that will have you taking pictures before you dare take a slice. One of the most famous is the “This is Not a Lego Cake”, as it will have kids trying to pick the realistic bricks.


Due to the amount of care and skill that goes in to the flowery craft involved in each of the unique cakes at Chloute, you’d be forgiven for thinking you are in a florist rather than a cake shop. The detail has to be seen to be believed with each one looking like a bouquet of flowers on someone’s wedding day. 

Cake et Cetera

Any wild and whimsical idea can be crafted into a fun, edible work of art at Cake et Cetera. Describe what you want or draw a picture of the perfect birthday cake and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what can be created. Each cake is unique and shows the character of the person who requested it.

Richmond Cakery

Rather than focus on being a presentation specialist or crafter of decedent flavours, Richmond focuses on making fun cakes that kids will love. Filled with colour and cartoon-friendly sculptures, this is the cake designer every child dreams of when thinking about the perfect birthday cake. The smaller party cakes are also a great way to share out the fun without having to spoil the design.

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