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Relaxing on the sunset-swept beaches of Bali can be made that extra bit special with the perfect cocktail in your hand. Being one of the most famous cocktails to enjoy, the Martini is a versatile drink that remains exciting and elegant. So to celebrate the perfect partnership between the Martini and Bali, here are 12 places to get your cocktail needs taken care of in Bali. 


One of the best places to enjoy the beach life and sunsets with a drink in your hand in Seminyak, WooBar has a menu filled with amazing drinks. For those looking for a tropical twist, try the delicious Lychee and Rose Martini or take make it extra-special with the Champagne and Strawberry Martini.  

Tiger Palm

After enjoying an ama

zing meal at Tiger Palm, you might be finding it hard to choose between a dessert and a cocktail to finish your meal. If this is your unfortunate plight, then you are in luck as your menu-perusing eyes will find the Tiger’s Tiramasu. Combining both a cocktail punch and the luxury dessert’s better points results in perfect mixture of holiday fun.

The Blind Pig

Although Martinis are well-known for lighter spirits such as gin and vodka, they can also be twisted into new and more interesting cocktails. At the Blind Pig, you can try the Blind Pig Martini—golden rum celebrated with rosemary, strawberry, and orange. The perfect cocktail to accompany a meal or enjoy a drink with friends.

Akademi Bar

Housed in the prestigious Katamama Hotel, the Akademi Bar is a truly unique take on a cocktail bar. With the décor of a laboratory crossed with an art gallery, you will feel like you are in expert hands, so you can expect to enjoy some stunning drinks. One of these is the Madera Exótica, which has spiced rum at its heart, mixed with homemade orange and mesui marmalade, a range of jackfruit infusions, and just a hint of mesui-infused arak.

Rock Bar

A must-visit destination on anyone’s list when heading over to Bali, the Rock Bar is a picturesque cocktail destination that can only be reached by a lift down the cliff face. The result is a postcard-worthy view and amazing drinks. While you enjoy the breathtaking scenery, try the Ginger-Berry Tini—a light berry-filled cocktail with a spicy ginger finish.

Sea Vu Play

Need a pick-me-up after a long meal? Few cocktails do it better than a good Espresso Martini. The classic mixture of vodka and coffee is often used as an after-meal drink, but when you add vanilla rum you get a delicious sweet finish, which takes the cocktail to a dessert-menu level.

KILN Petitenget

Another variation on the Espresso Martini, the Tanned Russian takes everything you love, like vanilla-infused vodka and espresso, but then adds bourbon and chai spices. This is all served with a coffee, pecan nut, and caramel brittle.

Baker Street Social

“What goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors” is the idea behind Bali’s first-ever speakeasy bar. Baker Street Social is a place that celebrates the back bar, and, as a result, is always coming up with new cocktails to amaze people. However, this means that the menu is a little bit secret, as is the entrance, which can be entered by a little door at Tiffin Restaurant.

The Lawn Canggu

One of the most famous Martini cocktail variations is the Cosmopolitan. The combination of tropical flavours and bitters is only made better when you enjoy the Lawn Canggu version, named the Kombucha Cosmopolitan, while taking in the amazing beach-side views that can be enjoyed right next to the bar.

Copper Kitchen & Bar

Another Martini classic is the Manhattan. Although not a Martini based on the ingredients, it is still served in the famous long-stemmed glass. At Copper Kitchen and Bar, you can try a refined version of the classic oak-barrel-aged cocktail, with some stirred rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and aromatic bitters.

Sundara, Four Seasons

What could be better than a classic Martini? Well, combining it with culinary flavours to enhance the experience would be one way of changing the template. At Sundara in the Four Seasons, you can get some tasty tapas combinations like the Wasabi Martini and Tuna Tartar or the Frozen Ketel One Martini and Oysters. Whatever you get, you can be guaranteed a great partnership of flavours.

Mejekawi – Ku De Ta

The classic and original Martini has always celebrated gin as its base. To celebrate this, Mejekawi at Ku De Ta has taken the classic formula and brought a little touch of tropical Indonesian flavour. The Mango Lady uses deliciously fresh Tanqueray Gin and adds some fresh mango and lemon juice. The result is a refreshing cocktail that goes down a little bit too easily.

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