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When visiting the sunny beaches of Bali, many people stick to hotel restaurants due to their easy access and the high quality available. But there are so many eating options around the island that shouldn’t be missed. Many of these offer an amazing collection of fine-dining choices, which could be perfect for so many occasions. Here are 11 fine-dining restaurants that will get you leaving your  hotel on Bali.

BLANCO par Mandif

Housed inside of the Blanco Renaissance Museum complex, BLANCO par Mandif has been offering fine-dining cuisine of a different variety since 2015, celebrating the food of the seasons and region with fresh ingredients that are used to inspire some outstanding food. Also, the natural views of the Tjampuhan River are a perfect way to enhance the restaurant experience.


Housed in a traditional bamboo structure with a modern twist, which overlooks the beautiful scenery of endless rice paddies, Sardine Restaurant is a relaxing addition to the fine-dining scene. The restaurant serves a selection of local seafood that is enhanced using both fresh and home-grown organic vegetables.

Kayumanis Resto

For those looking for traditional fine dining that embraces the aesthetics of island life, this is the restaurant for you. The menu has expertly made food that is both familiar yet which offers something new. The décor is predominantly finished with wood, which gives it a truly natural feel. For a really special evening, try and book a table below the stunning chandelier that is the centrepiece of the high-ceilinged hall.

Piasan Restaurant

Located at Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa, this Italian-inspired restaurant has a delicious menu. Embracing the natural beauty of Bali, Piasan is filled with light and fresh dishes that are perfect for when the sun is still shining or has set for a peaceful evening.

Settimo Cielo

Another Italian offering, Settimo Cielo is a great place to enjoy casual breakfasts, lunches or something later. The menu is versatile and brings fresh ingredients and new flavours to every dish. A particular standout is Executive Chef Nico’s emphasis on freshly baked bread and the delightful small-bites menu at the bar.

MÉTIS Restaurant, Lounge & Gallery

MÉTIS offers a wide variety of French-Mediterranean fare that will take your breath away. With a view that is lit with soft lighting and a tranquil lily-pad garden, this is one of the best places to embrace the peace and relaxation that Bali can is famous for. The menu offers indulgence while the décor offers a night to remember, and after your meal you can enjoy the comfortable lounge for cocktails. 


A famous name when it comes to dining in Bali, Sarong has built a reputation as a decedent eating experience that embraces local produce with the finished dishes offering a twist. The décor is filled with draped fabrics and chandeliers, while the seating is regal yet also very comfortable. If you are a large party looking for a big space to enjoy fine-dining cuisine, this is great place to visit.


With a menu filled with gastronomic treats designed by renowned Chef Chris Salans, Mozaic is one of the best on the island. The menu is changed to embrace the freshness of what is on offer at the time. This approach has brought many awards and accolades while also remaining fresh and prominent on the Balinese food scene.

Teatro Gastroteque

With an ever-changing menu created by Chef Patron, Mandif Warokka, the suitably named Teatro Gastroteque is a fine-dining restaurant that brings creativity and dashing presentation to every dish. The menu is changed monthly so you can visit multiple times and never be bored. 

Merah Putih

When looking for a fine-dining restaurant in Bali, starting with one that is celebrated by the Michelin guide is good place to begin. The menu is what you would expect from a fine-dining restaurant of such high calibre, and the menu is inspired by Indonesia’s wide variety of cuisines and flavours. 


Using truly unique methods of eco-friendly food, Chefs Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah have become celebrated names on the island. The menu has been formed using simple ingredients and dishes that everyone knows and loves, which are then taken to the next level of flavour and skill. Truly a fine-dining experience not to be missed.

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