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A healthy meal can help create a better workforce or can help in setting people up for an efficient day. However, constantly creating healthy dishes can be time consuming, and, as a result, many don’t bother. With so many healthy catering services now available, everyone can get tasty meals, while not having to worry about how healthy it was. To help you stay healthy, here are 10 healthy catering services you can enjoy right now in Jakarta.  

Your Personal Chef

When checking the menu for this catering service you’ll have to be reminded that this is all healthy. The range of options that are on offer gives you an amazing selection of healthy dishes while not restricting taste or personal needs.  


All the famously healthy food that is available in the popular restaurant is now on offer for catering. A full range of healthy snacks, meals, and dishes are all on offer with some specialised vegan-friendly options standing out.  The new catering menu includes a raw food and juice detox, and healthy eating for breastfeeding moms.

Forking Clean

With a health-conscious menu that changes week after week without ever sacrificing taste, Forking Clean is the type of place that will become our favourite choice very quickly. Lemon quinoa avocado-cilantro chickpea salads and ayam rica-rica with brown rice are just some of the options you can enjoy. Overall, the focus is offering tasty food that will not have you worrying about the health benefits.


With three distinctive options, Leafwell is an easy option when you know what you’re looking for. Weight Loss, Maintain, and Muscle up are the three options that are available when looking to order your healthy catering service. All of the meals are designed by a team of nutritionists and doctors, so you know you’re in good hands.

3 Skinny Minnies

One of the first options in the city for healthy catering services, 3 Skinny Minnies offers a well-established selection of specialised meals. Fixed meals can be paid for and set for up to a week, which can make things a lot easier, and with options like Breastfeeding sets and other special packages there is something for everyone.

Gorry Gourmet

What really sets Gorry Gourmet apart from the rest is the healthy food packages that are designated for people of all ages. Not only can adults enjoy an à la carte menu but also children with a set of bento boxes for kids. So now the whole family can eat healthily every day of the week.

Berry Kitchen

Berry Kitchen is a food e-commerce service that offers various lunch caterings, ready-to-eat dishes, and chef’s meals. It has a strong online presence and even offers dishes by other catering services such as 3 Skinny Minnies. Like other options, it has fixed choices for particular needs and tastes, as well as individual meals.

Health’s Kitchen

Offering a range of meals at some of the lowest prices in town, Health’s Kitchen is more than just cheap meals. The quality is always great, and the mix of options sees a range of dietary and cuisine choices that can please almost everyone while also looking like expertly made dishes.

Slim Gourmet

With both international and locally certified nutritionists that monitor the food preparation and production, you know that this is a serious option when considering healthy eating. A great place to use if you want to have a fixed diet that can work hand-in-hand with your workout or dieting routine.


Cocobeet is making a real push in the corporate world as it looks to “be your corporate partner and bring health into the workplace”. It looks to revive the workplace with healthy catering that will increase efficiency while also making everybody satisfied at lunch time.

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