While Bali is famous for beach life and cocktails, it also has some rather tasty food. The cuisine, like that of other Indonesian islands, is predominantly seafood- and spice-based, but the flavours are unique and memorable. With Jakarta being a hotspot of so many different cuisines and tastes, it is no surprise that there are plenty of restaurants offering Balinese cuisine right here in Jakarta. Here are 10 places where you can try some tasty treats from Bali in Jakarta. 

Lara Djonggrang

Housed in a formal Dutch mansion, this restaurant celebrates many different cuisines from across Indonesia. The settings and menu take inspiration from the royal journeys through the country by King Hayam Wurum, who explored and ruled in the early 14th century. This royal background, along with relaxing ambience, makes for a special place to enjoy some delicious Balinese food.

Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy

The menu at Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy seeks to create an edible journey through the many cuisines of the archipelago. In doing so, it takes classic dishes and adds a twist while still paying respect to the original recipe. The finished dishes will both surprise and delight you with some very satisfying results.

Seribu Rasa

A light-hearted atmosphere and friendly staff await you when you visit Seribu Rasa. With so many sites across the city, you are never too far away from enjoying some restaurant-quality Indonesian cuisine. For larger parties, it has many different offers and banquet selections that will leave everyone happy and satisfied with their selection.

Namaaz Dining

Of all the restaurants in the city that attempt to create something new with Indonesian cuisine, Namaaz Dining is one of the most adventurous. With the view of putting the fun into fine-dining, the main focus is not just on flavour but also putting a dish in front of you that makes you say “wow”.

Harum Manis Indonesian Restaurant

Traditional Indonesian cuisine and décor are on offer at Harum Manis. These make it the perfect place to enjoy a range of dishes from all over the country, including Bali, while not spending overly indulgent prices. The menu is easy to peruse and is filled with recognisable dishes and a few things you may not have tried on your Indonesian travels.

Samsara Indonesian Cuisine

Samsara pledges to bring you food while pursuing happiness and pleasure. With this in mind, you can tell that you’ll be in for a rather special menu. As well as a special menu, the restaurant has a constantly changing selection of offers aimed at making your meal even more special, such as date-night promos.


Although Indonesian food is not always seen as being gourmet or fine-dining cuisine, 1945 strives to make it something highly respected. Starting with a more authentic approach with regards to local cuisine, it has in recent time looked to push recognisable boundaries, producing some amazing results.  

Bunga Rampai

Famous for its traditional décor and impeccable quality, Bunga Rampai is the perfect place to take family or friends when you want guaranteed satisfaction. The menu isn’t confusing as it doesn’t change what you know and love; instead, it is made with only the best ingredients and love then is shown in every dish.


As well as a range of cuisines from across the world SATOO also offers Balinese cuisine in an all-you-can-eat setting. Housed in the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, the décor is comfortable and perfect for special work-based occasions or if a group of friends needs to meet up for a large meal.

Taliwang Bali

Having made a name for itself in both Pluit Emporium and Pacific Place, Taliwang Bali specialises in Balinese cuisine. The menu is easy to choose from and offers a great way to introduce yourself to Balinese food. Also, with a site about to open in Grand Indonesia, there is even more reason to try it out.

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