Asian food is a collection of amazingly inventive and recognisable dishes. One of the more world-renowned cuisines associated with Asia is Chinese, which has a history that spans uncountable years. So it should come as no surprise that Jakarta has a few delectable Chinese restaurants to enjoy.

Crystal Jade Palace

With a large menu and great seating opportunities, Crystal Jade Palace is one of the best places for large families or groups to enjoy deliciously authentic Chinese food at a reasonable price.

Pearl, Marriot

Colourful spiralled carpets lead you around the restaurant as you find one of the soft purple seats to sit in and enjoy a comprehensive menu. For those who find it hard to choose, the buffet is very well stocked and offers a great range of dishes.

Li Feng, Mandarin

With a décor that screams fine-dining this is great place to enjoy beautifully presented Chinese food. The private rooms are luxuriously decorated with a high ceilings and chandeliers along with comfortable seating to the side of the large round tables for digesting all that amazing food.

House of Yen, Fairmonthouse of.png

Photo Courtesy of House of Yuen

Taking inspiration from Hong Kong's Michelin-starred gastronomic haven Sun Tung Lok, House of Yen is a pillar of the Chinese cuisine community. Small booths and comfortable seating are perfect for a light lunch before heading back to the office or maybe meeting an important client.

Table 8, Hotel Muliamulia.jpg

Photo Courtesy of  Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta

As you would expect from the Hotel Mulia, Table 8 is all about decadence and style. The décor gives a sense of a Chinese palace as you feel like royalty at a formal dinner in the uniquely designed seats and tables.

May Star

Having first opened way back in 2007 at Le Grandeur Hotel, May Star has becomes a recognised place to enjoy simple and satisfying Chinese food. Be it a large party or simply with friends you’ll be leave full and satisfied.

Taste Paradisetaste p.jpg

Housed in Plaza Indonesia, Taste Paradise does just what the name suggests. After perusing the menu, you will be in for some of the best-tasting Chinese food in the city. Yet this is not surprise as the restaurants fuses Chinese dishes with French elements and ideas. 

JIA, Shangri-La

Located just next to SATOO in the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta is a luxurious Jem named JIA. Offering contemporary Chinese food in a beautifully lit area with wooden finished décor. A great place for a meeting or something more special. 

Waroeng Shanghai Blue 1920shanghi blue.jpg

Photo Courtesy of TUGU Hotels, Exotic Spas & Restaurants

Although the food is very good the first thing you’ll notice about Waroeng Shanghai Blue 1920 is the décor. With an amazing collection of different Chinese inspired furniture and decorations the restaurant has the feel of an antique arts studio.

Teratai, Hotel Borobudur

Recently refurbished, Teratai offers great food the typically luxurious surroundings with which the Hotel Borobudur is associated. Delectable dim sum and main courses await those who wish to dine in and enjoy this well-established Chinese delicacy.

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