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Indonesia is famous for the coffee grown and produced around the archipelago. It is enjoyed across the world and is now being combined with artistic elements right here in Jakarta. To introduce you to the new artistic coffee sensation taking place, here are 10 places to enjoy some art-inspired coffee options in Jakarta.


Along with some expertly made cakes and baking goods, Ninotchka has taken the detailed skills needed for cake decoration and applied it to coffee. As well as tasting good, you can be sure of some photo opportunities when you order your coffee here.

Mokka Coffee Cabana

A popular place for office workers or shoppers looking for a cooked meal and a good coffee, Mokka Coffee Cabana also offers some artistic flair. The most popular being every cat-lover’s dream named the “catpucino” coffee.

Bloom Coffee & Eatery

Although the “mochamarscinno” is a tasty artistic delight, Bloom Coffee and Eatery also offers a few other artistic treats that the staff on hand have a lot of fun applying their coffee-making skills with some very fun and photogenic effects.

Copas Coffee Passion

As well as expertly brewed coffee you can take home a range of house-made products. The food is simple but well-made and gives you a real sense of home cooking. The artistic element is applied to many of the drinks on offer, but the skill with the milk on the surface of coffee’s crème is most enjoyable.


With the amount of care that goes into the coffee and food at Liberica, you could say that art is everywhere. However, the roasting of the coffee and preparation is immaculate and shows artistic pride and skill with every cup.

Crematology Coffee Roasters

The artistic elements at Crematology Coffee Roasters are not so much in the end product, which is very good, but in the methods in which it is created. Real pride is taken in the choosing, preparing, and brewing of the coffee beans on offer, and is really evident in the finished product.

Tanamera Coffee Roastery

The contrasting colours of red and black are synonymous with Tanamera Coffee Roastery. The adult setting presents a sense of artistic class that both inspires and relaxes the customers. The staff on site offer expert advice and guidance when choosing your next coffee fix.

Watt Coffee

A great place to indulge in artistically made coffee and enjoy some tasty food. Watt Coffee gives you just the jolt you need to start your day and offers a really delicious menu with healthy portions to keep you going. The Sunrise Boost is a unique combination, which is not to be missed, while the waffles are also an indulgence that has to be tried. 

Six Ounces

The food on offer at Six Ounces is truly delicious with the burger being a standout choice. But the use of coffee and desserts is where the real artistry takes place. Along with seasonal inspirations you can enjoy coffee combined with such delights as ice cream and Nutella for a little sweet treat that will also wake you up.

Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Celebrating coffee from all across Indonesia, Giyanti can impress even the most expert of coffee drinkers. The staff really love what they do and can offer artistic descriptions of all the coffee beans you can try. Also, the Apple Pie is one of the best in the city, so it would be a crime to miss it.  

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