After leaving the office business doesn’t just stop and finding a place to continue can be crucial. As always, Jakarta doesn’t disappoint with a number of places to dine and conduct your business at the same time. To help you find your next big meeting place here are 10 restaurants that are perfect for business and dining.


When you are surrounded by a stunning Parisian interior that is inspired by the ironworks of the Eiffel Tower, you know you’re somewhere that will impress. AMUZ is the perfect place to conduct business with its amazingly constructed menu and descendant surroundings.

Akira Back

A name synonymous with class and well-made dishes, Akira Back is place that shows your dining partner you mean business. The décor is minimalistic chic, while the dishes are prepared and served with a stunning sense of expertise that never disappoints.


Taking inspiration from the 8th century Sriwijaya Kingdom in Indonesia means you can expect to see a very unique interior while dining on sophisticated dishes. With classic Indonesian cuisine prepared using French techniques, the menu offers some of the best food in the city.


A celebration of texture, expertly picked ingredients, and years of perfected techniques, OKU is helmed by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, whose idea is to take the classic notions of Japanese omakase dishes and add modern flair. As a result, you can sit back, as everything is chosen for you ahead of time, knowing that you won’t be disappointed.

View at The Fairmont

Bringing together locally sourced ingredients, cutting-edge cooking techniques and state-of-the-art presentations means that this is a great place to dine. Along with great food, the fact that you’ll find yourself on the 22nd floor of the Fairmont hotel means that this restaurant also lives up to its name with great views all around.

Altitude at The Plaza

Altitude attempts to present not one restaurant but three in order to give you what you want at the highest level. The 46th floor of The Plaza is presented as three different areas. The First is the Salt Grill offering celebrity Chef Luke Mangan’s signature menus of fine meats and seafood and Australian Wines. The other two on offer are Gaia for Italian cuisine and Enmaru for fine Japanese fare.

Sofia at The Gunawarman

With a 21st century neoclassical-inspired design and high ceilings, Sofia at The Gunawarman is the height of style and luxury. The liberal use of wood and leather furniture adds comfort and decadence as you dine next to some of the most famous faces from Jakarta’s celebrity scene.

Ristorante Da Valentino

Due to being headed up by Executive Chef Valentino—who is assisted by his mother Alma in the kitchen, and father Gianpiero and brother-in-law Alberto in the dining area—Ristorante Da Valentino is a true Italian family-dining experience. This means you are guaranteed good food with traditional surroundings and expertise.  

Patio Venue and Dining

A relaxing alternative to the craziness of the city, Patio is a good place to meet after a long day of business. Its location in the popular area of Kebayoran Baru means that this is a popular place, but somehow it still gives the sense you are not being rushed while you enjoy the tasty Italian food and conduct your important business.

1945 at The Fairmont

Offering cuisine that is authentically Indonesian yet slightly different, 1945 is taking dishes you know and love and giving them a modern twist. Perfect if you are looking for dinner conversation while you are trying to close that important deal.

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