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Combining Balinese style and French luxury has resulted in amazing results and few are as mesmerising as dessert creations. Across the island, you can enjoy some of the most tasty, beautiful, and unique desserts inspired by French techniques and styles. Here are 10 places offering some of the best French desserts in Bali.


Based in Ubud, Caramel is a cakes and macarons specialist. It applies international standards while using only the best ingredients in Indonesia. All of the cakes can be made to order in three different sizes, with the French-inspired Trichoc being a particular standout addition. Dark Chocolate Layer Cake surrounded by Salted Caramel Macarons makes the Trichoc a truly beautiful dessert.

Poule de Luxe

Although it is a patisserie and bakery, Poule de Luxe also provides dessert for restaurant, villas, parties, and weddings. It has an extensive menu made up of cakes, tarts, cupcakes, brownies, and other sweet delicacies. Among the most outstanding are the Cream Puffs: small bites that melt in your mouth and can be ordered in a number of sizes to satisfy a group of people—or just you.

La Brasserie

Just across from the Le Méridien lobby is a quaint French-inspired café named La Brasserie. Serving a fusion of French and Asian dishes, it is a very popular place due to the excellent menu and attentive service. One tasty example of this delectable combination is the Crème Caramel with Coconut Milk and Cinnamon.

Le Bon Vivant Bistro & Bar

Le Bon Vivant Bistro & Bar, also known as LBV, offers casual yet elegant dining with a light French bistro. The elements are simple yet made with skill and finesse that are backed up by only the best ingredients on hand. A favourite on the dessert menu is the Dark Chocolate Forest Noir, which is made up of a dark chocolate mousse, Chantilly cream, and a rich soused red-cherry sauce.

Bali Pearl Restaurant

A combination of French flair and Balinese charm, Bali Pearl Restaurant is headed by Michelin-star Chef Jeremy Blanchet. Many of the savoury options boast a sweet element that shows the love that is later revealed when enjoying one of the delectable desserts. The Assiette Gourmande, a selection of mini-tasting desserts, has a fondant au chocolat, crème brûlée, panna cotta, and dark chocolate mousse, all of which are perfectly prepared and stunning to witness.

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique

Very few lists about stunning food in Bali would be complete without Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique. The craft and skill that goes into each and every dish is astonishing, with the flavours only rivalled by the beauty of the finished creations. One of many examples is the brightly coloured Millefeuille of Durian and Jackfruit with Rice Tuiles and Cassia Bark Emulsion that fills the plate with life and colour.

Teatro Gastroteque

Located in Seminyak, Teatro Gastroteque serves French gastronomy with an Asian twist. This adds a unique technical element and style to all of the dishes on the menu, which results in each dish looking like a piece of modern art. An exquisite example of this is the Chocolate Dessert with Pistachio, Chocolate Soil, Banana Lemon Ice Cream and Strawberry. The perfect symmetry and edges will have you taking photos from all angles.


MÉTIS describes itself as providing impeccable culinary creations, and it is this ethos that inspires some truly amazing French desserts. The combination of art and cuisine is a perfect match, with the restaurant also housing a gallery and boutique. The arts and colours continue on the menu with the Berries and Almond Milk Cream Delight being a rich explosion of colour and flavour.


Very few places have as much fun with dessert as Room4Dessert. The menu is fusion of a number of styles, with French being prominent in many of the dishes. Each one is familiar yet shows personal styles and touches, along with very unique names. Be it the Chocobubbles, Colour of Money or the more familiar Crème Brulee, you’ll find more than one reason to go back for more. 

Monsieur Spoon

A family-run French Bakery-Cafe started by two Parisian cousins back in 2012, Monsieur Spoon can now be found all across the island. With stores in Canggu, Seminyak, Petitenget, Ubud, and Umalas, you can enjoy high-quality handmade French pastries, cakes, artisan breads, and savouries almost anywhere. There are a number of best-sellers on the menu but the Raspberry Almond Cake and Chocolate Eclairs are not to be missed when you pay your next visit.

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