Meaning “I’ll leave it up to you”, omakase is not just about the food, but also showing respect for chef who prepares it. There are many restaurants that offer their interpretations of this authentic style. So, to make things easier, we have put together a list of 10 authentic omakase-style Japanese restaurants in Jakarta that offer luxury and class with every dish.  


sumire.jpgLocated in the Grand Hyatt hotel, Sumire has a great menu and expertly made food. However, it is in the private dining rooms that it truly excels with traditionally decorated rooms offering a stylish option if you’re looking to enjoy fine-dining Japanese cuisine in a private setting.


Venturing out in search of omakase-style service means brave diners have to put their trust in experienced chefs, and at OKU you’ll be in safe hands. The open-plan layout of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski’s brightly lit Japanese restaurant offers daringly different dishes that will have you reaching for your camera as much as your chopsticks.


SLJ-Nishimura.jpgA Staple of the Jakarta Japanese dining scene, Nishimura in the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta is everything you love about Japanese food in its simplest form. Authentically Japanese down to the choice of clothes the staff wear, you’ll be treated to beautifully prepared food thanks to expert head Chef Hideki Chomei’s


asuka.jpgAsuka is best known for its unique multi-course tasting-style omakase menu. When you dine here, you can sit back knowing that all the dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and will not disappoint. Located at the Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Asuka is a popular destination in the bustling Mega Kuningan area.

 Akira Back

akira back.jpgWith the premise of omakase being to leave you in the hands of the chef and his expert choices, you’d expect a restaurant that is named after the head chef to be the perfect choice. A winner of the 2016 Japanese cuisine World Luxury Restaurant award, Akira Back offers top-class food with visually stunning results.


emaru.jpgAlthough Japanese food is perfect for large parties or meetings, it can also be enjoyed with someone special. If you’re looking for a fine-dining experience to enjoy with your significant other or as a place to take someone on a date, then Enmaru is the place for you. Amazing views and an interior inspired by Japan’s larger-than-life capital Tokyo all add to an amazing experience.


If you wish to be truly authentic when dining Japanese then you’ll need to indulge in a glass or bottle of sake. This rice wine is becoming more and more popular as it can be used in cocktails and even cooking. Sake+ is the only sake bar in Jakarta and has an amazing selection and provides expert advice, so you’ll be in good hands when choosing your drink.


Edogin.jpgLocated in the Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. The buffet dining is one of the best in town and what better way to avoid choosing when you can just choose everything at once? Edogin offers fresh ingredients and wide selection that is perfect for a working lunch or meeting. 


tatemukai.jpgA hidden gem in Jakarta—pass by too quickly and you’ll miss the secret main door that is camouflaged as what looks like a random sculpture. Even though it is located in Grand Indonesia's East Mall on the third floor, most don’t know about Tatemukai, which may well change soon because the food is spectacular. Remember to book as they do not serve walk-in guests, and do leave your own message on the wooden block, which is provided for you at the end of your meal.  


kahyangan.jpgHave amazing food prepared in front of you as you enjoy a stunning backdrop. The combination of the Pullman Hotel’s view and stylish décor give Kahyangan a luxurious feel. You’ll enjoy expertly made food while you dine as one of Jakarta’s elite without the hassle of looking at the menu.  

(Picture credited to offical resturant sites.) 

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